Advancing Student Success

Student success systems are a way of organizing a school community to better support the academic progress, college and career transitions, and well-being of all students.

By focusing on relationships, actionable data, and evidence-based practices, student success systems help educators and communities build a sense of belonging and school connection among students, address school-wide achievement patterns, and meet individual student needs.

Student Success Systems Combine Four Essential Elements


Resources and Events

The four components of student success systems bring together several key actions which collectively reduce chronic absenteeism. Use this collection of resources to address school-wide attendance patterns and meet individual student needs. 

These tools are designed for use by student success teams and district leaders to spark courageous conversations that lead to reflection, collaboration, and innovation.


Nine Organizations Coming Together In One Collective Effort

The GRAD Partnership for Student Success is a collaborative effort involving non-profits, community organizations, school districts, and schools which seeks to co-create effective student success systems with school leaders, teachers, students, parents, and community members.

Get involved with the GRAD Partnership

Empower schools to improve and enable the educational success of all students.

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