The GRAD Partnership

Our Story

Partnering with communities to use high-quality student success systems so that schools are empowered to graduate all students ready for the future.

The GRAD Partnership brings together nine organizations to partner with schools, districts, and local community organizations to create the conditions needed to bring the use of evidence-based Student Success Systems from a new practice to a common practice.

We need new and improved student support systems to enable all students to thrive in pandemic-impacted times. We are uniquely positioned to achieve a transformation at scale, to support more students’ graduation and pursuit of postsecondary pathways – in particular for students who are Black, Indigenous, unhoused, English Language Learners, with disabilities, and/or those experiencing poverty.


Why a Partnership?

Each of our organizing partners has made significant contributions to on-track work and the communities they serve. By collaborating in service of a shared mission, we can have greater impact than by working alone. 

We can do more together, with greater impact, than if we work alone.

Pooling our experiences and learnings, as well as creating a shared definition of high quality and some common tools, builds all our capacities.

A deep commitment to equity and anti-racism and belief in student, educator, family and community agency.

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Empower schools to improve and enable the educational success of all students.

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