Cal-HOSA’s Blueprint to Student Mental Wellness and Career Pipeline

In the school environment, mental health problems adversely affect students’ attention span in the classroom, aptitude for learning or study, and engagement in intramural and extramural activities; a situation intensified among students from vulnerable populations. Early detection combined with appropriate services and resources can change a child’s trajectory from a path of severe mental health issues to one of wellness and full participation in school and community life.

This comprehensive guide for educators draws on the importance of connectedness and student-centered standards of practice, both core component of high-quality student success systems. It offers lesson plans and worksheets to help educators’ promote mental wellness.

Cal-HOSA is a student-led career and technical student organization serving students in the health science and health careers through a career technical education path from middle school to high school to postsecondary, and eventually employment. As a health science and medical technology curriculum strategy, Cal-HOSA’s mission is to “inspire, educate, and develop students who aspire to become excellent health care professionals through student-led leadership programs, integrated school-based health science programs, and community partnerships.”

For more information on Cal-HOSA’s Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention Project, visit

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