Statement from GRAD Partnership on Biden-Harris Administration’s Improving Student Achievement Agenda for 2024 

The GRAD Partnership for student success is pleased to see a renewed commitment to improving attendance included in the Biden-Harris Administration’s Improving Student Achievement Agenda for 2024. The agenda specifically calls out “targeted parent and family engagement – such as home visits, the adoption of early warning intervention systems, and the effective use of data and family engagement to identify why a student is absent and what tailored strategy will address the cause,” as evidence-based strategies for increasing attendance and ultimately boosting student success. 

GRAD Partnership is committed to helping schools and districts implement these strategies seamlessly through the adoption of student success systems. By focusing on relationships, actionable data, and evidence-based practices, student success systems help educators and communities build a sense of belonging and school connection among students, address school-wide achievement patterns, and meet individual student needs. 

Our efforts to improve educational outcomes for all students will not succeed if they are not in school on a regular basis. Fortunately, we know how to provide the supports and create the learning conditions that enable more students to attend regularly. Student success systems help schools customize their supports to their circumstances and get the right attendance support to the right student at the right time. 

The Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to improving student attendance reinforces what most schools have experienced first-hand—the pandemic triggered a wave of record high chronic absenteeism across the nation. The good news is that student success systems are a proven strategy for addressing large numbers of chronically absent students.  

The GRAD Partnership is grateful for the Administration’s leadership on this issue and looks forward to helping more schools and districts build student success systems in the year ahead. We encourage any school or district interested in building a student success system to contact us at or visit our website 

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