Brené Brown on Empathy (video)

Building trusted relationships within any group, including among those in co-deigning sessions, is critical. This animated short from RSA is narrated by Brené Brown, and offers important insights into how to authentically relate to others. 

We Are Made to Connect (U.S. Surgeon General)

Following its advisory on the healing effects of social connection and community, in December of 2023, the United States Surgeon General launched a national connection challenge to encourage people to prioritize their relationships. The “5-for-5 Connection Challenge’ involves taking five actions that express gratitude to, offer support to, or ask for help from people over five days. These simple but powerful actions build and strengthen relationships and inspire others to incorporate connection as part of their daily lives.

A Call to Connection: Rediscovering the Transformative Power of Relationships (The Einhorn Collaborative)

A Call to Connection is a primer intended to spark conversation and inspire action in the many different settings and roles we inhabit. It does not put forward a prescriptive blueprint, but rather a set of accessible and adaptable ideas for re-centering our culture on connection. With reflection prompts and vignettes throughout, the primer is a powerful tool for igniting a shared understanding and collective consciousness that opens us up to the possibilities for connection around us.

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